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Arthur Elfin Chiang

I’ve often been described as a ‘people developer’.

Well, hello! I’m Arthur and I’ve been involved in the Education and Learning & Development industry for more than 10 years. I have a blend of practising experience in ESL, ESP and academic teaching in public and private schools, teacher education, and the full spectrum of Learning and Development, and Education Quality Assurance works.

I’ve often been described as a ‘people developer’. I enjoy grooming emerging educators into high performers – especially in the areas of classroom teaching/training, curriculum design and development. Because of my strengths in visioning and influencing, I’ve also successfully expanded business portfolios by identifying new opportunities, synergising resources and collaborating with key stakeholders. What tingles me most is my ability to overcome challenges of working with people of diverse personalities (sometimes quirky!) – getting them to put aside their differences to achieve the common end goal.

On a personal note, I’m an animal lover, with a soft spot for the homeless ‘furry kids’.  Their easy contentment with the simple things in life is something that everyone could learn from.