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Richard Rowe

teaching – its much more satisfying

Although I’ve spent most of the last 20 years working as a consultant in the Telecommunications industry, my educational background is quite a bit different. I have a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from one of the oldest universities in the US. I spent much of my youth studying selections from the spectrum of eastern and western philosophy. Logic led to computers; which led to networks, which led to telecommunications.

A couple of years ago, I earned my(CELTA) with an eye towards an active retirement. When the time came, I planned to spend my days teaching English to students somewhere in Indonesia. I took up teaching evenings while consulting full time as a way to get valuable classroom experience. Teaching has never been exhausting in the way that corporate consulting was. Even after the longest day consulting, I always felt energized by interacting with students. I have since given up on the corporate world to focus on teaching – its much more satisfying and I can’t imagine going back.

In my free time, I’m refitting a sailing yacht which I one day, hope to sail around the Indonesian archipelago. The specialized language employed on a sailboat harks back to an earlier age and it has fascinated me since I was a teenager. I also spend time tutoring and entertaining my two young children Isaac and Asha.

I teach the following:  Certificate in General and Conversational English. Certificate in Conversational English and Pronunciation, Certificate in Workplace English and the Certificate in Pronunciation and Presentation.