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Mr Zak Salleh-Chew

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I believe an education centre needs to create an environment where making mistakes is OK.  Just don’t make the same mistakes!

I started this business from basically, my bedroom back in 2007. Within 3 years, I was running a CELTA centre, and taking on the biggest English teaching organisation in Singapore.

I am extremely proud of the journey of the school and most of all the involvement of our  employees in shaping things.  The future of the organisation is exciting with plans to include online teaching and competency based assessment. Culturally, we have and will include our employees in determining more facets of the business that are traditionally done by “senior management”. I do believe in work hard and go home.

All schools claim to be the best. Best teachers, best prices blah blah blah. Are we the best school in Singapore?  I’ll leave it to our students to judge. What I do know is we try our best and we are DEFINITELY different.