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Shamus Choy

About: Shamus Choy

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  • Role : Academic Staff
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  • Specialist in : MA in Applied Linguistics, BA in Liberal Arts, CELTA, ACTA

Before entering the teaching profession, I worked as a copywriter for 15 years, producing marketing and corporate communication materials in English and Chinese. Most often, I lent my writing skills to creative agencies, crafting contents for brochures, magazines, commemorative books, annual reports, websites, electronic mailer, corporate videos and various other communication tools. Occasionally, I also did translation work between English and Chinese.

For a considerable amount of time, I pondered over the idea that I could put my language skills to better use. I was more interested in helping individuals grow and be more confident of themselves, than slaving away as an accomplice in perpetuating marketing myths for big corporations. Finally, I decided that I should teach. So here I am.

I teach the following:  Certificate in General and Conversational English. Certificate in Conversational English and Pronunciation, Certificate in Workplace English and the Certificate in Pronunciation and Presentation.