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Can you be a Teacher Trainer? Or do you think you can run a school?

We have a unique perspective in recruiting teachers and find creative and effective ways in recruiting the right people. Who are the right people? Imagine yourself being a teacher trainer or heading an English department, or even running your own school. If you can, then send your resume. We look for people we believe can do either or both. The main point is we make you as employable as possible.

Having a clear path of ascendancy is crucial for continuous learning and improvement. We invest heavily in our staff and provide a 2 to 3 year development programme. Some aspects are undergoing the DELTA, sales and marketing training, customer relations, administration and finance (budgetting, forecast, internal controls), teacher recruitment and professional development, interview skills, curriculum design, assessment design, conflict resolution, CPE Regulations and an acting Academic Director role.

We also assign our teaching staff to other schools on a longer term relief basis. This gives you a broader perspective, and you come back to us with fresh ideas to make things here more difficult for everyone! But that’s a good thing. We encourage change and for you to find ways to keep your passion.

We aren’t going to say we are an employer of choice – most schools and companies make this claim and it’s lost its meaning.

But what we can proudly declare is we are a school that believes in people, helping them develop and unleash their potential. We are always looking for teachers. The opportunities are really quite endless. And when we find them, we invest heavily in your development – simply because People is our success factor.

Steps in Applying:

  1. Download the Application Form.
  2. Forward the form with your resume to joinus@www.caic.com.sg
  3. Interviews will be held (with mock lessons for teaching positions).  The interview panel will include 1 person from the Sales team, 1 from the Academic team, 1 from the Management team and a few student observers.  (We will tell what to teach, and a list of our expectations).
  4. Successful applicants will be offered either relief, short term or permanent positions.

As an insight into the environment here, have a read of our Teacher’s Welcome Pack.