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Getting People Job-Ready Involves More than Teaching Students Technical Skills

Most WSQ courses effectively teach students invaluable technical skills that they will bring to their work.

It’s not enough.

Research has shown (and yes, there’s tons of stuff out there) that “soft” communication skills are needed just as much as technical ones. Employers in all fields are seeking individuals who can listen and communicate with others.

The foundation of these skills is in knowing how to speak English effectively.

CAIC is uniquely positioned to offer WSQ trainees both the technical and the language skills they will need to face today’s challenging workplace. CAIC’s trainers have both industry experience and English-language skills: all our WSQ instructors have a CELTA, plus years in the job sector. No other company in Singapore has instructors with both skill sets.

There’s no need to pay thousands of dollars asking a consultant what you need to succeed. We are telling you plainly everyone needs these.

The Four Pillars

Service Excellence

Stay relevant and achieve competitive edge over others in your industry. Choose from a range of Service Excellence Workshops to equip yourself today!

Transferrable Soft Skills

Browse our series of Transferable (Soft) Skills Workshops and do yourself – and your company – a favour. Build your soft skills today to stay competitive!

Leadership Behaviour

Our Leadership and People Management Workshops are designed to help you acquire the necessary skills to do so. Check out these workshops now!


So let us say no more. Come explore the extremely rewarding world of sales today – we can guarantee results if you would follow exactly what we tell you!

These are skills and attitude organisations expect employees to demonstrate in their everyday work – and we’re sure you know this! What you’re probably unsure of is the hows – how to cultivate leadership behaviors, how to build transferrable soft skills, and how to develop service attitude. It isn’t just about picking a random workshop to attend. It starts with understanding your performance requirements and learning needs, then working with you to acquire the right mindset and necessary skills to perform and succeed at work.

Offering a suite of learning workshops under each pillar, CA International College invites you to have a chat with us so we can help you determine your learning needs and the relevant workshops for you. And did we mention you can enjoy up to 95% subsidies for these workshops, and still utilise your SkillsFuture Credit to offset the remaining 5%?

Call us today at 65362193, email us at training@www.caic.com.sg or drop by our college at 116 Middle Road, ICB Enterprise House, #07-02, Singapore 188972