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1. I’ve always _______________ you as my best friend.
2. My parents have been my emotional safety net and I ______________ the hardships in life without their constant support and attention.
3. In this branch of medicine, it is vital to _______________ open to new ideas.
4. If you’re not too tired we could have a _______________ of tennis after lunch.
5. Missing words... You shouldn't live memories of your childhood.
6. I’d rather we _______________ meet this evening, because I’m very tired.
7. Wii, which is a video game console __________ by Nintendo _________________ on November 19, 2006.
8. Go on, finish the dessert. It needs _______________ up because it won’t stay fresh until tomorrow.
9. The restaurant was far too noisy to be _______________ to relaxed conversation.
10. The children won’t go to sleep _______________ we leave a light on outside their bedroom.
11. Anyone _______________ after the start of the play is not allowed in until the interval.
12. The book _______________ of ten chapters, each one covering a different topic.
13. Missing words... If you don't know the meaning of a word, look up in the dictionary.
14. If I were in your shoes, I think I _____________ to her rather than try to explain what has happened over the phone.
15. Missing words... When visitors come, don't forget keep these chipped dishes out of sight.
16. Unless you ______________ all of my questions, I can't do anything to help you.
17. They spent a lot of time _______________ at the pictures in the museum.
18. I suggest we _______________ outside the stadium tomorrow at 8.30.
19. _______________ teaching English, she also writes children’s books.
20. The person in charge told me that if I took the 8 a.m. flight to New York, I _________________ change planes.